What are the Benefits of Indoor Cycling?

According to the U.S. Department of Health ".....regular physical activity substantially reduces the risk of coronary disease, stroke, colon cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.....and helps to control weight, contributes to healthy bones, muscles and joints... reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression..." Need we go on? Cycling is also "low-impact" without the joint stress that you get from "ground-pounding" sports and activities. All good reasons to strap-in/clip-on and RYDE!



Want to Improve Your Work Performance? Make Time for Exercise!


-Dawn Wolfe

A few weeks ago we introduced our new program of discounted group indoor cycling classes to help Ann Arbor-area employers and workers reap the benefits of exercise while saving money.

At the time we talked primarily about the money that both businesses and individuals can save because of regular exercise, which definitely can lower health care costs – and, thus, can also be a factor in lower health insurance rates.

But did you know that regular exercise also boosts productivity on the job? It's true! According to this well-researched article on the American Council of Exercise (ACE's) website, “...moderate to vigorous exercise” (like indoor cycling or spinning classes) has a “remarkable” effect on our brains' structure and function. And if you have a high-stress job – and really, who doesn't feel stress on the job these days? – working out helps our brains and bodies cope better with that stress.

The ACE article also features some great tips and tricks for making the most of the way that exercise enhances our ability to “...absorb information, process, remember, and use it.” (No, the article does not recommend trying to study flow charts during your indoor cycling classes – and neither do we!)

The workplace benefits of exercise aren't limited to increased productivity, but also lend themselves to the all-important “glue” of workplace cohesion. According to this piece on SparkPeople, “A study by Jim McKenna from the University of Bristol showed that after exercising, participants returned to work more tolerant of themselves and more forgiving of their colleagues. Their work performance was also consistently higher, as shown by better time management and improved mental sharpness.”

If you haven't yet done so, we encourage you to check out our discount program for employers and employee groups who want to enjoy the many workplace-related benefits of regular indoor cycling classes. Employees can have fun, get healthy, save money – and maybe even receive a promotion or a raise; employers, on the other hand, get to enjoy happier, more productive workers who take fewer sick days and, perhaps, save money on health insurance as well.

And since RydeOn! is centrally located in Saline – a short hop from southwest Ann Arbor and southeast Ypsilanti and points in between – you and/or your employees can get in a performance-boosting indoor cycling workout without needing a lot of travel time to and from the studio.

Interested? Contact Brigid at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or talk to your RydeOn! Spin® instructor before or after class for details.

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