What are the Benefits of Indoor Cycling?

According to the U.S. Department of Health ".....regular physical activity substantially reduces the risk of coronary disease, stroke, colon cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.....and helps to control weight, contributes to healthy bones, muscles and joints... reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression..." Need we go on? Cycling is also "low-impact" without the joint stress that you get from "ground-pounding" sports and activities. All good reasons to strap-in/clip-on and RYDE!



Make Your Own Trail Mix!

trail mixThe trail mix you make isn't the same as the trail mix you buy at the store. Sometimes, the store trail mix has added unhealthy things like sugar and unhealthy fats. Plus, when you make your own trail mix, you can make sure you like every food you put in the trail mix!

Step 1: Pick a dried fruit. Look at the ingredients list. If it says sugar or syrup, then don’t use it. You don’t need added sugar. Dried fruit is naturally sweet. It has vitamins and fiber, which are good for you. Measure 1 cup of dried fruit. Pour it in the bowl.

Step 2: Add some nuts. Any type of plain nut works great. Nuts add fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and are good for your heart. Measure 1 cup of nuts, and add it to your bowl.

Step 3: Mix in some seeds. Seeds can add tasty crunch to your trail mix. Sunflower seeds are full of vitamins and minerals that protect your heart. Make sure they are out of the shell. Another great choice is pumpkin seeds. Pour 1 cup of seeds in your bowl.

Step 4: Scoop out ½ cup of trail mix, and put it in a snack-size re-sealable baggie. That's the right amount for one serving. Store your trail mix bags in the pantry. Take out one bag when you want a snack. When your supply gets low, make some more!

Optional ingredients:

Mini pretzel twists or pretzel sticks add great crunch to trail mix. Choose whole wheat or whole-grain pretzels. Whole-grain pretzels are high in fiber. Fiber is good for your body. Plus, it makes you feel full longer so you won't be hungry until dinner. Measure 1 cup of pretzels, and put them in your bowl.

Find your favorite low-sugar cereal. Look on the side of the box at the nutrition label. Find the word sugar. Pick a cereal with 8 grams or less sugar. To keep your trail mix from getting crumbly, pick a cereal that is square, O-shaped, or clusters. Dump 1 cup of cereal into your mixing bowl.

Something sweet! Try mini chocolate chips instead of full-size chips. Because they are tinier, mini chips will spread out all through your trail mix. You'll get some in every bite. Dark chocolate is better for you than other chocolate. Add ½ cup to your mix.

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