What are the Benefits of Indoor Cycling?

According to the U.S. Department of Health ".....regular physical activity substantially reduces the risk of coronary disease, stroke, colon cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.....and helps to control weight, contributes to healthy bones, muscles and joints... reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression..." Need we go on? Cycling is also "low-impact" without the joint stress that you get from "ground-pounding" sports and activities. All good reasons to strap-in/clip-on and RYDE!




Wish-A-Mile 50 Update

Wish-Stories 312x214-copy
As of this writing we are one month out from the Wish-A-Mile Bicycle Tour for the Make-A-Wish Michigan Foundation, and our fabulous RydeOn! 50 team has grown to nine members and raised $2,335.00!


Katelyn's Journey The Story of a Modern Princess

-Sara VittiKatlyn beforeafter

Though you may not personally know RydeOn! family member Katelyn Schaible, her journey toward better health and fitness is familiar to many of us. She joined our RydeOn! family this past January with a goal. In about 8 months, she will reach it. Here is her story:


Peddlin' to Savings – Employee Group Discounts Coming to RydeOn!

-Dawn Wolfe

Organizations and publications from the University of New Hampshire to HR.BLR.com (a website with products for HR professionals) are extolling the virtues of employee wellness programs – everything from lower health insurance premiums and health care costs to greater employee satisfaction and retention.


Our Wish-A-Mile Ryders Need You!

-Brigid Lossing

What are you planning to do this July 28?

What would you like to do?


Teachers: Summer is the Time to Take Care of Yourself – Get a Head Start with Spinning at RydeOn!

Hello educators! Whether you're a preschool teacher in Saline or a high school instructor in Ann Arbor, we know that you're getting ready for that time of year when your time is a bit more your own – and we're here to help with spinning classes to fit pretty much every schedule!teacher


RydeOn! in Transition

christina Christina Turner

What a Ryde these past few years have been! When Brigid and I started RydeOn! in 2011 we had no idea just how successful our business was going to be; and while we had high hopes, we never dreamed that our cycling studio was going to become the center of such a large and inspiring extended family.


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