What are the Benefits of Indoor Cycling?

According to the U.S. Department of Health ".....regular physical activity substantially reduces the risk of coronary disease, stroke, colon cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.....and helps to control weight, contributes to healthy bones, muscles and joints... reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression..." Need we go on? Cycling is also "low-impact" without the joint stress that you get from "ground-pounding" sports and activities. All good reasons to strap-in/clip-on and RYDE!



Our Instructors

Brigid Lossing

Brigid v2Certifications: Keiser M3, Madd Dog Spinning.

Brigid Lossing had a more difficult road to health and fitness than many of us. Not only did Brigid turn her entire life around in terms of her weight, her diet, and her fitness, but she has successfully battled cancer – twice.

Brigid considers herself a coach to her indoor cycling clients, striving to inspire Ryders to investigate their potential, set goals, then find pathways to achieving them. “There are many subtle nuances involved in cycling. When planning a Ryde, I strive to highlight one or two aspects so participants will leaving feeling as though they have gained a little more knowledge and are working their way toward mastering specific skills.”  

Brigid developed the concept of Training for Life as a focus for RydeOn!'s work. To her, Training for Life means that it's important for everyone to embrace the idea of “training” as something that's not just for athletes. “Consider all the physical activity we engage in on a day-to-day basis. Then think how much better we will feel when we can move through our day without aches and pains. How wonderful to be able to go up and down stairs without being winded!” Through her blog series, “The Keys to Success in Health and Fitness,” (see the first installment here), Brigid has created a complete guide – one that goes far beyond indoor cycling – to help clients reach their goals.

Brigid her husband Rob have worked to make RydeOn! indoor cycling studio a huge presence in the greater Ann Arbor community.

Brigid on RydeOn!:

"My life has been so enriched by all the wonderful people I have met. I truly feel like I have an extended family with all my RydeOn! friends."

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Sharon Hillenaar

Sharon 3Certifications – Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning® Instructors certificate; CPR; Human Resource Management (McGill University)

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Sharon Hillenaar has had the good fortune of being able to live in 5 different countries over the last 10 years; the US being her most recent relocation. Whilst living overseas Sharon had her own craft supply import/export business, she to fostered a love for health and fitness with many hours of training for 1/2 marathons and attending cyling classes; her two favorite activities. After selling her business in 2013, she soon found herself longing to get involved in the health and fitness industry. Often thinking of her mother's advice of "following your heart and the rest will fall into place" she enrolled in a Spinning® course and became a certified Spin® instructor.

"Helping others to achieve their goals is so rewarding for both the individual and myself. It is an intrinsic part of who I am and being able to play a role in guiding individuals towards health and wellbeing provides me with so much happiness.”

Training for Life is about setting yourself up for long term success with realistic goals and determination. Providing tools, ideas and support to make that success a reality is what helps feed that long term goal and that's what Sharon believes her biggest role is within the health and fitness industry. "Seeing proud, smiling confident faces is what I hope will be the end result of any training support I provide".

Sharon on RydeOn!:

"At RydeOn! Wow!!! What can I say? I walked into RydeOn! back in April 2015 just to find out about taking some indoor cycling classes. One of the instructors (Malissa) welcomed me to into the club with an incredibly friendly smile and an open ear. The following week I attended one of her classes; it was immediately apparent that RydeOn! wasn't your typical spin studio, it was a community. It was I that moment I knew that's the community I wanted to be part of.

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Andrew Weeden


Certifications:  Sydney Technical College Associate Diploma in Nuclear Medicine, Mad Dogg Spin Instructor, CPR.

Andrew went for his Mad Dogg Spin certification and joined the RydeOn! team because his wife (and RydeOn! instructor), Jocie, encouraged him. Since then he's found his RydeOn! experience so motivating that, when the weather permits, Andrew rides his bike to and from the classes he instructors – for a total thirty-five mile ride!

Saying that “You have to have fun working out!,” Andrew sees himself as a coach, motivator, spinning technique advisor and “entertainer” who believes good fun is a major key to good health.

When it comes to Training for Life, Andrew finds it an easy concept because he and Jocie use indoor cycling as a cross training tool for their running. “Spinning is so easy on our joints while also engaging our prime running muscles.”

In the past year Andrew has improved his half marathon time to less than eight minutes per mile, and completed his second marathon at the end of September at a sub-nine minutes per mile pace  – “A race distance I said I would never run!”

Andrew on RydeOn!:
"I have been surprised, more than a few times lately, to be introducing myself to someone (teacher, kids' running coach, local parent, banker) and hearing the reply 'Oh...you're the Spin teacher!,' … then I realize they are a RydeOn! client. My points being that spinning is for EVERYONE, and I am super happy to be providing a service that is accessible to this diverse a group."

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Jocie Weeden

Jocie1Degrees and Certifications: BA, DDS, M.S., Madd Dog Spin Instructor, CPR

Jocie is yet another of our RydeOn! indoor cycling instructors who has chosen to pursue health and fitness as her profession as well as her passion – in Jocie's case, she has her own orthodontic practice in addition to her work with our studio.

She also practices what she preaches when it comes to her health and fitness journey. When we first profiled her on our blog, Jocie said that a main component of her fitness philosophy is to keep the company of like-minded friends. She has definitely done so, running almost daily with her office staff and encouraging her husband, Andrew (who is also one of our instructors), in his own running efforts.

Jocie reports that Training for Life is, “incorporated into all of my training routines. … Anyone who gets into a good fitness routine knows how great it can make you feel and how much better other aspects of your life become when you are healthy.”

Jocie has been very busy in the past year, completing her first full triathlon, the Full Rev, at Cedar Point (where she won for her age group!), completing the 6.2 mile Swim to the Moon, and running five half-marathons, the Ann Arbor marthon, and an fifty-mile ultra-marathon in Florida. She is currently training for a 100-mile ultra-marathon, and says that “Spinning has helped my running tremendously. I recommend spinning as a training routine for all runners!”

Jocie on RydeOn!:

"I absolutely love the family feel at RydeOn! I always look forward to both teaching and being taught by the other great instructors.  Everyone motivates me to do my best, and I am proud to be part of the RydeOn! team!"

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Nicole Porter

Certifications – Mad Dogg Spinning

Nicole has been a client at RydeOn! since shortly after the studio opened in 2011. She earned her Madd Dog Spinning certification in May 2015.  After participating in the RydeOn! Tour de France challenge in the spring of 2012, Nicole became hooked – so much so that her fiancé proposed at RydeOn! during the New Year’s Eve 2013/2014 ride!

Indoor cycling has driven her to make other changes, including running her first 5k and 10ks last year with plans for more this year (something she never saw herself doing), and becoming involved with a local Wish A Mile team who rides at the studio as well.

Nicole on RydeOn!:

“As important as the health portion of RydeOn!, are the friendships I’ve made here. I’ve done things I’d never thought I would do, including becoming an instructor, because of the relationships I’ve built here. That energy and dynamic is what keeps me coming back and promoting the studio to my friends and co-workers.  I also appreciate the community involvement – whether it’s supporting local events or hosting fundraisers, RydeOn! and its staff are active in the community.”

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Melissa Miller

Melissa newCertifications – Mad Dogg Spinning, Keiser M3, CPR

I began taking classes at RydeOn! shortly after the studio opened in 2011.  I had always wanted to see what all the buzz was about! As soon as the class started, I knew exactly why people loved spinning. The instructors, atmosphere, energy, music, and the hard work, I was hooked! In 2012 I decided to get certified to teach so I could help and share in peoples’ journey to better themselves.

I have always been into athletics since I was young and when I started going to classes at RydeOn! in 2011 I had also started training for my first 5k. I thought spinning would be a great way to compliment my training and prevent injury. Many races later, from 5k's to half marathon's and even a full marathon scheduled in late 2017, spinning still is my go to exercise for cross-training.

If you have ever felt hesitant to try something new like spinning, RydeOn! is the place to go for your first experience. The bikes are top notch quality, the instructors are knowledgeable and motivating in their own different ways, and the other clients are incredibly supportive. You will feel right at home the minute you walk through the door.

For me, Training for Life, means finding something you enjoy and produces results so that you stick with it. Something that pushes you to be the best version of yourself day in and day out. There is nothing more rewarding for me as an athlete and an instructor to see people working hard and accomplishing things they never thought they could do.  

Believe you can a you're halfway there!

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Hilary Kneisler

Hilary medMy journey into the world of indoor cycling began in the fall of 2016 right here at RydeOn!  A past knee injury combined with a fair amount of boredom with the elliptical trainer at the gym gave me the motivation to give indoor cycling a try, despite having little to no knowledge of the concept of “spinning”. After only one class, it was clear I had stumbled upon a new favorite form of exercise. Not only did I love the physical challenges of spinning, but also it was also obvious that this was a lot of fun! 

After another six months at RydeOn!, I continued to feel [motivated by my fitness results, but even more apparent, was how I felt inspired by the other instructors and participants in each class.  As a result, I decided to pursue the opportunity to teach, and earned my spinning instructor certification in May of 2017.  A self-proclaimed “numbers person” and music geek, I could not be more thrilled to take on a new role as an instructor. Aside from spinning, you may find me striking a yoga pose, swinging a golf club (or at least trying my best), or paddling /waterskiing at the lake in the summer.

Hilary on RydeOn!:

“I never really fully understood the concept of exercise as a form of socialization, until I stumbled upon RydeOn!  It is amazing how you feel such a sense of community walking into the studio — from the owners, to the instructors, to the other participants in class, I can truly say that I look forward to spending an hour of my day with the people at RydeOn!.  I only hope that I can help create that same feeling and share in that experience with each and every rider that walks through the door.”

Favorite music:  Do I have to choose just one?  I love everything from pop to classic rock, to alt-rock, to indie, to Motown, to country (yes, even country).  I also have a background in classical music, though I have yet to attempt to incorporate anything into a ride! #goals

Favorite bike drill:  Probably speed intervals, though similar to my music choices, I like variety!
Advice to new/experienced riders: Accept the challenge each class brings, but never push so hard that you take the fun out of it. This will ensure you keep coming back to class, while continuing to make a positive impact on your health and fitness goals!

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Amy McFarren

Amy med
Fitness Certifications – Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200); Schwinn Cycling MPower; CPR and Basic First Aid

Amy has been teaching yoga since 2008 ― from basic to advanced classes. She has also been spinning for many years because it is invigorating and downright FUN. Amy brings an encouraging energy to teaching indoor cycling and works to offer variations to allow more seasoned students to explore his/her edge. She provides a focus on breath, posture and a mindful approach to each sequence, person and ride.

Amy enjoys teaching classes with energetic variety and works to link music, breath and mindfulness. At the same time, she recognizes that each client comes to RydeOn! for [individual reasons ― cardio vascular fitness, strength and endurance training, stress relief, building healthful habits, fun-factor or community. Amy’s goals are to provide a safe space to allow clients to achieve his/her individual goals and treats each class as a daily practice of self-care.

Amy on RydeOn!:

"I am so inspired by the staff and community at RydeOn! I love that the instructors and clients come to class with an attitude of meeting the challenge of each day’s ride. I am happy to be part of RydeOn! and its tradition of providing classes that available multiple levels of fitness and age. Spinning at RydeOn! offers more than solid health benefits; it is also a place of community."

This week’s favorite song: Hey Na Na By: Galactic-Carnivale Electricos

Amy's favorite drill: Following the music with hard push during stands and speed at chorus Advice to new/existing Ryders: Get yourself to the first, second and third class and just keep going! Take away your judgements about your performance, just give your body, and mind several rides to acclimate. Enjoy, even if you skip a rep in a drill. Just enjoy!

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EJ Winslow

EJCertifications: AFAA Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, Spinning, YogaFit levels 1,2,3, CrossFit Level 1, Red Cross First Aid and Adult CPR/AED
I have been involved with the field of fitness for over 20 years, beginning with high school athletics. As a freshman in college I discovered the world of group exercise. I have instructed group exercise classes of every kind and worked with both individuals and small groups as a personal trainer.

It is my passion in life to teach. I use fitness as a tool to coach people to discover something new about themselves, something that will make them better in all areas of their lives. I believe that a strong person is better equipped to face life’s challenges and exercise is a great tool to make us stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
Fitness need not be a separate category in life; it should be an overall lifestyle. My husband, three sons and I all participate in various athletic and fitness endeavors. As a family, we prioritize movement as a part of our daily lives. To me, Training for Life means functional fitness–being able to participate fully in life.

EJ on RydeOn!:

At RydeOn! there is a community of individuals encouraging one another on toward better health, and more fully enriched lives.

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